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 1.Please change your name when you come here. Click tutorial link above the blog.
 2. Our webcam service only support 20 cams only. We will provide webcam 1. Who do not have cam or close face or show video whatsoever just close your cam before we ban your cam if cam already more than 15 cams. Any banning cam warning will be given at main chatroom. Please aware NO NUDITY IN THIS WEBCAM or we will ban your cam forever!!.You have aware this is not adult blog, anybody are welcome to this blog.
3. Please don't ask anything to anybody who on cam if you not on cam.
4. Do not "membebel" at main chatroom. Do not talk about politics, religion, racism, royal institution in any kind of bad manners.We will kick you or ban you if you violate this term.
5. For privacy matter, who know who's on cam please do not tell their nickname unless the owner himself.
6. Do not CAPLOCK in chat room. "Caplock" just for moderator announcement only
7. Do not trust anybody here. Do not give your personal information to anybody you do not know.
8. Anyone who on cam please do not expose your details to anybody except our moderator.
9. Do not ask or post any skype, ym, phone in main chatroom. Please PM them!!!.
10. Every Sat & Sun we will do theme for our ROOM. Please change your name by the theme. NEXT WEEKEND THEME 17/11: "PALESTINE we pray for you~~"

IF you have been kick from here. The mode will just put reason ex. -->(rule 1) <--- please refer this rules. Hope by this blog we can find new friends here and also network. Please do not judge anybody here if you do not really know them. We welcome anyone to this blog. Ladies do not shy to talk with us. Enjoy chatting then. Haters don't think you are good enough. Nobody perfect in this world. Please go away from here if you are haters. We not welcome haters, racism, bad behavior on cam and nudist. There are better place out there. >.<